Embracing the Dad Bod

March 31, 2017


  On this weeks shows, Tony Gardiner from 710 ESPN Radio is back in the house! The guys delve into being a new dad, and the big changes that go along with it; they discuss some new age diets and habits, and how food can be tricky these days; and they end with a full breakdown of the Seattle Mariners coming season.                             Dont miss this! ( @earfulinecity; emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com)        


Irish Appropriation

March 22, 2017

On this weeks show, Marcus Netters is in the house, for this post St. Patty's day show. They discuss this calamity of a holiday, and how it always ends in disaster; they discuss the affects of promiscuious women, and how they effect the overall society; and they discuss the unintended consequences of a $15 minimum wage. Check it out! (@Earfulinecity; emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com )



Buried Alive

March 14, 2017


 On this weeks episode, Slim is joined in studio by comedian Jamie Guerriero. The two get into it about sleeping and snoring, and how it can affect relationships; they discuss being homeless in this city, and what that would be like; and Slim talks about the Russell Wilson commercial shoot he was a part of. ( @earfulinecity; emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com)


Walking the High Wire

March 9, 2017


  On this Weeks show, Slim is joined by local comedian Blake Kiltoff. The two of them discuss simularities between humans and apes, and what surprising social features we share; they talk about the nuclear age that we were ( and still are) living in, and the deadly tightrope act that we are faced with; and Slim breaks down the BLM rally that he attended over the weekend. ( @earfulinecity; emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com)


Livin’ in La La Land

March 1, 2017


  On this weeks episode, Slim is flying solo. He gives a break down of all the Oscar festivities; Slim talks about some allegations from a recent comedy show; and he touches on global warming, and if the science is completely in at this point. ( @earfulinecity; emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com )



February 22, 2017


  On this weeks post presidents day episosde, the guys talk about this unique, yet obscure holiday; they discuss the deminishing value of a college degree these days, as well as the education that comes with it; and they delve into the topic of anit-semitisim, and its lasting legacy 70+ years after WWII. ( @earfulinecity; emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com )


Suspension of DisBelief

February 17, 2017


   On this weeks episode, the guys are joined in studio by local comedian Todd Kirkwood. They discuss the new era of super hero's, and the issue they have; they talk about the future of space travel, along with the past; they also chat about getting high with a purpose. Sorry we're late this week.  ( @earfulinecity; emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com )


Bradys last Laugh

February 8, 2017


 On this weeks episode, the guys give a full recap on one of the greatest Superbowls in history; they discuss the speed of technology, and how our DNA cant keep up; and they get into it about the UC Berkely "protest", and what might be next. ( @earfulinecity : emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com)


Inflation Nation

February 1, 2017


 On this weeks show, the guys are on their own in the studio.  They discuss how sports is one of the best reasons to hate somebody; they talk about the many ways that inflation is going to be a problem this year; and they get into it about Trump's first week, and the "Muslim" Ban. ( @earfulinecity; Emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com )


Speak with your Wallet

January 25, 2017

On this weeks episode of the show, the guys are joined by local comedian Blake Kiltoff. They chat about the new first lady, as well as ones past; the Inaguration of our 45th president; and the historic womens march over the weekend. Lots of good laughs.