Good Riddance 2016

December 27, 2016


 On this last episode of 2016, the guys are joined by local comedian Wilfred Padua. They discuss the year that has been, and some of the more shocking events; they talk about chasing your dreams, and how it can be tough when you're in a relationship; and they tie a bow on this gut punch of a year. Happy New Years Everyone! 

( @earfulinecity;


Tis the Season

December 20, 2016


On this special Christmas edition of the show, the guys are joined by local comedian Carl Reynolds. They chat about X-mas traditions, including the elf on the shelf; they discuss men having female friends, and why it's such a rare thing these days; and they also delve into the "Russian hack" of the election, and some of the implications of it. Plus, Carl and Marcus geek out about B list superheros. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! (@earfulinecity;


Southern Discomfort

December 13, 2016


 On this weeks episode, the guys are joined by local comedian Layth Sihan.  They delve into Layth's family lineage, and the history of schizophrenia within it; they discuss how growing up in the south affected him growing up; they try to figure out why most of local comics tend to be liberal; and they explain why critisicm is a good thing, and we all need it to grow as individuals. Check it out! ( @earfulinecity;


Pussy Grabs Back

December 6, 2016


 On this weeks episode, the guys are joined by local comedian Kay Harris. They discuss how the ticking of our biological clocks start to make us do crazy things; how being funny plays into dating, and how it's dfferent for guys and girls; and we talk about a big victory for the protesting community.( @earfulinecity;


Spoonful of Socialism

November 30, 2016


  On this weeks show, the guys are joined by local comedian Joseph Greinauer. Joe chats about being a stay at home dad, and being in an inter-racial marriage. They also discuss some new technologies that might save the planet some day, and we try to determine what a "good" hobby is. ( @earfulinecity;


Best of Year One

November 23, 2016

This special episode, is some of the best segments we've had from our first year.  We cover a bunch of different topics, with a wide range of all our guests. Hope you enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ( @earfulinecity, )


Is This Real Life?

November 16, 2016

  On this weeks show, the guys give a full breakdown of all the election action, and we try to make since of how this happened, when no one thought it could. We try to calm the masses, take a look at the next four years to come, and try to find a few rays of hope, in the sea of darkness. Everyone treat each other with respect, and we'll all get through this!  ( @earnfulinecity )


Day of Reckoning

November 8, 2016

  On this weeks episode, the guys give one last preview to the election, and make some predictions as to what the next couple years will look like. We also break down why voting for a third party candidate isn't wasting your vote. We've all been waiting for this day to come, and go, and let us help you get through it. Get out there and vote everyone! ( @earfulinecity )



November 2, 2016

   On this weeks episode, the guys are joined by local comedian and on air radio talent, Kiera Jordan. They have a spirited chat about; flying these days, and what airlines to avoid; they debate if Ciara was the worst off season pick up the hawks made; and we discuss some of our most delicious member berries! Went pretty long, you might need to break this into two servings. One of our best yet, Hit us up!  ( @earfulinecity )



October 26, 2016

  On this weeks episode, local comedian Jesse Albert joins the podcast to discuss the election seen, now that all the debating is done; we talk about the "resurgence" of Cleveland; and we question, will anybody's past, with social media now, will ever have a clean enough record to run for office. One year anniversary show!