Long Time Coming

June 14, 2018


  On this weeks show, we're joined in studio by a long time friend, Devin Fitzpatrick.  The two dig into the homeless problem the city is facing, and how the standards of success have changed; they touch on the NBA Finals, and some potential rule changes that could make the game more interesting; and Slim discusses his recent trip to Las Vegas. ( emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com


Skin in the Game

May 17, 2018


   On this weeks show, we're joined by Marcus Netters in studio.  The guys get into it about; the slow rise of the anti-feminist, and where the culture war is at; they talk about how everyone these days want someone else to do evertyhing for them, then do it themselves; and Slim talks about some of his recent dating debacles. (emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com



March 22, 2018


 On this weeks show, Marcus Netters joins us on this post procession podcast. The guys talk about; the rise of soy boys in this country. and why it's a problem; they talk about immigration, and how it has evolved over the last 100 years; and they discuss their morning at the local church, and some of the benefits of going. (emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com)


A Walk Through the Past

March 15, 2018


 On this weeks show, we're joined in studio by Arden Massie.  The two guys indulge in a slew of topics, including; the origins of names, and where some of the more popular ones come from; they talk about the importance of journaling, and how you need to have a plan, if you want to succeed; and Arden explains his plans for a trans-continental walk through his past, and how big things can be accomplished, one step at a time.   (emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com)


The Formidable Years

March 7, 2018


   On this weeks show, we're joined by the very funny Kelsey Carbary. The two get into it about; interactions between men and women, and how things have changed in the #metoo era; they talk about normal gender roles, and how important they can be to keep society going; and the two discuss how to interact with celebrities, and how to avoid being star struck. ( emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com)


The Why Chromosome

January 23, 2018


  On this weeks show, we're joined in studio by Marcus Netters. The guys give a recap of the Womens march 2.0, and break down all the action that was; they discuss whether or not the #Metoo movement is falling apart; and they discuss some areas of our society that are severely lacking in eqaulity. ( @Aaronberg16; emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com



January 10, 2018


  On this weeks episode, we're on the road, in Washingtons biggest little city, Everett. Carl Reynolds joins the show to talk about; living in a city full of dirtbags, and how tiring it can be; they discuss some wild 2018 conspiracies, and what we're in store for this year; and Carl talks about the last time he was offered sex by a stranger.     (@Aaronberg16; emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com)


Higher Resolution

January 3, 2018


  On our first episode of 2018, Marcus Netters joins us to talk about;  just how accurate the history we all know is, especailly after 2,000 years; they discuss the importance of having honor, and which sex values it more; and Marcus gives us some of his surprising new years resolutions. (  @Aaronberg16; emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com


Century Club

December 28, 2017


  On this special  100th episode; Slim gives his true feelings about the cryptos, and how this all could potentially end; he breaks down the basics of the Republican Tax plan, and who the winners and losers are; he gives his opinion on the #Metoo movement, and some of the unintended consequences of it; and gives his big predictions for 2018. Thanks for listening! ( emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com)  


Crypto Mania

December 20, 2017


  On this weeks show, we're joined in studio by Nate Yoon, Darin Birkenbuel, and Brandon Wood.  The guys go deep on Bitcoin, and the other crytpos, and whether or not this rally has staying power; they speak about people these days trying to regulate others  thoughts, and just how dangerous of an idea that can be; and they chat about how hard work, and focusing on yourself, can make all the "noise" of life not really matter. ( @Aaronberg16; emeraldcitypodcast@gmail.com )