Life on the Road

December 13, 2017


  On this weeks show, we're on the road with LA comedians Angie Krum, and Billy Batz. The three of them talk about comedy on the road, and some of the ups and downs involved with it; they discuss being friends with your ex, and the minefield it can be to navigate; and they talk about Facebook's inconsistancy when it comes to suggesting new friends. ( @earfulinecity;


Segregation Degradation

December 6, 2017


  On this weeks show, Marcus Netters is in studio with us.  The two guys jaw about the different types of cars each sex drives, and who controls most; they delve into the issue of mental illness, and how even talking about it can be tough; and Marcus explains why we should have gender segregated workplaces, for everyones sake. ( @earfulinecity; )


The Great Divide

November 8, 2017


  On this weeks show, Slim is joined in studio by his cousin, Seth Clemons.  The two of them talk about selling stuff on Craigslist, and how it pays to know your worth; they discuss whether this country has an identity crisis, and what can be done about it; and they break down how the forces that be, seem to want everyone divided these days. (@earfulinecity; )


Consumption Gumption

November 1, 2017


  On this weeks show, Jaime Guerriero is in studio with us. The guys talk about getting into a high paying job in your 20's, and how it can sometimes turn out to be a bad thing; they explore the benefits of a barter system, and how working for what you want, not money, can be very beneficial; and they weigh the cost/benefit of watching the big game at the stadium, or at home. Happy Halloween everyone! (@earfulinecity; )


Lime Disease

October 25, 2017


  On this weeks show, comedian Joseph Grienauer joins us in studio. The guys breakdown some new clean energy technology, and some of the ancillary benefits of going green; they delve into how much of a nightmare bureaucracies can be; and Joe goes off about how much of an infection the Limebikes have been for our city. ( @earfulinecity; )


Top Tier Friends

October 17, 2017


 On this weeks show, Slim is joined by Blake Kiltoff.  The two guys discuss the different levels of friendship, and what it takes to be at each level; they revel at the speed of information today, and how it can expose peoples true feelings; and Blake talks about a dinner recently that he had to walk out on.  ( earfulinecity; )


Four of a Kind

September 27, 2017


  On this weeks episode, Slim and Marcus are joined by local comedians Reid Clark, and Jordan Bench.  The four of them get into it on a slew of topics, from The Kennedy's, and their legacy of infamy; to how to prevent future school shootings; this was definitely a free for all. But hey, that's a good thing, right? (@earfulinecity;


Words with God

September 20, 2017


  On this weeks show, local comedian Todd Kirkwood is in studio. They get into it about the best board games of all time, and how atrician can be a winning strategy; they talk about the summer box office, and how it might have been underrated; and they break down the different time warps involved with drinking and smoking. ( @earfulinecity;


G.E.D. > D.E.B.T.

September 12, 2017


 On this weeks episode, Slim is joined by LA comedian, Mitch Burrow. Mitch talks about living in LA, and what makes it such a great city; they discuss the pros and cons of getting a GED over going to college; and they get into it about ISIS, and some of their finner traits. ( @earfulinecity; )


As the world Burns

September 7, 2017


  On this weeks episode, Slim discusses  the labor day that has passed, and how men and women age differently; he discusses the extreme weather that has been going on, and what it all might mean; and he talks about the North Korean situation, and how we need to understand how well we have it, if we are to protect it. (@earfulinecity; )