Suffering for the Better

August 9, 2018


 On this weeks show, we're joined by Seth Clemons, from ( The guys go deep on; marriage these days, and the pitfalls of growing alongside another person; they discuss how guys excel at hyperfocusing, and how that might not be all that great; and they talk about how little suffering we go through these days, and how that is changing our lives. (

Cleaning out the Pantry

July 11, 2018


  On this weeks show, we're joined in studio by Darin Birkenbeul. The guys talk about strategies for healthy living, making good decisions on a daily basis; and dealing with addiction, and battling demons. Sorry for the poor audio on the intro, but most of it is good. (

Adversity is our Strength

July 4, 2018


 On this weeks episode, we're joined in studio by Arden Massie. On this special Independance day episode, the guys get into it about; the need to choose wisely, when it comes to the people you spend the majority of your time with; they talk about how we get a lot of our cues on whats right and wrong, from the people we interact with on a daily basis; and they discuss the adaptabilty of human beings, and how amazing our triumphs over adversity have been. Happy birthday, to the greatest country in the world! (

Fighting Father Time

June 26, 2018


  On this weeks show, we're joined in studio by Brandon Washington. The guys get into about; young kids with social media, and how a lot of them aren't present;  they discuss whether or not Lebron James is really the king of hoops; and they talk about ideas for healthy living, and how to avoid injury as time passes.   (

Long Time Coming

June 14, 2018


  On this weeks show, we're joined in studio by a long time friend, Devin Fitzpatrick.  The two dig into the homeless problem the city is facing, and how the standards of success have changed; they touch on the NBA Finals, and some potential rule changes that could make the game more interesting; and Slim discusses his recent trip to Las Vegas. (

Skin in the Game

May 17, 2018


   On this weeks show, we're joined by Marcus Netters in studio.  The guys get into it about; the slow rise of the anti-feminist, and where the culture war is at; they talk about how everyone these days want someone else to do evertyhing for them, then do it themselves; and Slim talks about some of his recent dating debacles. (


March 22, 2018


 On this weeks show, Marcus Netters joins us on this post procession podcast. The guys talk about; the rise of soy boys in this country. and why it's a problem; they talk about immigration, and how it has evolved over the last 100 years; and they discuss their morning at the local church, and some of the benefits of going. (

A Walk Through the Past

March 15, 2018


 On this weeks show, we're joined in studio by Arden Massie.  The two guys indulge in a slew of topics, including; the origins of names, and where some of the more popular ones come from; they talk about the importance of journaling, and how you need to have a plan, if you want to succeed; and Arden explains his plans for a trans-continental walk through his past, and how big things can be accomplished, one step at a time.   (

The Formidable Years

March 7, 2018


   On this weeks show, we're joined by the very funny Kelsey Carbary. The two get into it about; interactions between men and women, and how things have changed in the #metoo era; they talk about normal gender roles, and how important they can be to keep society going; and the two discuss how to interact with celebrities, and how to avoid being star struck. (

The Why Chromosome

January 23, 2018


  On this weeks show, we're joined in studio by Marcus Netters. The guys give a recap of the Womens march 2.0, and break down all the action that was; they discuss whether or not the #Metoo movement is falling apart; and they discuss some areas of our society that are severely lacking in eqaulity. ( @Aaronberg16;